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A reliable name to procure quality-assured line of Gravure Ink, Gravure Printing Ink, Water Based Gravure Printing Ink, Water Graphic Ink, etc.

Market understanding is crucial for running business smoothly. Knowledge of diverse market structures empower a company to make customer-preferred products, which stand high chance of increased sale. Zhejiang Yongzai Ink Co,. Ltd., is proud to boast about having a deep understanding of several markets, which assist us to manufacture supreme quality of Gravure Printing Ink, Water Based Gravure Printing Ink, Yellow Polyamide Resin, Offset Ink, Water Graphic Ink, etc., in specifications desired by clients.

As a customer-focused manufacturer, we treat each and every client with high respect. Equal treatment is given to all customers irrespective of the size of orders placed by them. We keep into view specific needs of customers while doing production in order to win their lasting trust. This trust helps us to build powerful image in national and international markets.

Honesty is the base of our each and every business relationship. Business associates, employees and customers are considered a reliable part of the company and given complete information regarding anything new taking place within business. We charge reasonable price for the offerings so that both low and medium scaled industries can easily avail them.


In a well-equipped spacious warehousing facility, we maintain a huge stock of product line. Well-packaged Gravure Printing Ink, Water Based Gravure Printing Ink, Waterbased Ink, Water Graphic Ink, etc., is kept safely in big sized storage systems. Properly labeled range is kept in an organized manner, which avoid possibilities of hassle at the time of delivery. Nearness of our warehousing facility to all modes of transportation assists in swift delivery of products.

How Are We Growing?

  • By making strong business plans, which support growth of all the people associated with our business.
  • By fostering an encouraging and healthy work culture in business.
  • By revising quality policy with changing time and adopting strict product testing techniques.
  • By hiring fresh talent that is well-acquainted with recent technologies and changing business trends.
  • By bettering production techniques with the inclusion of latest technologies.
  • By making payment policy hassle-free with acceptance of payments from both online and offline modes.
  • By studying accurately growing market needs and timely meeting them.
  • By fulfilling business commitments and imbibing values like honesty, loyalty and integrity in work culture.